Dr. Monica Sood

About Monica Sood, M.D.

Dr. Monica Sood is a board-certified anesthesiologist who has also completed her internal medicine residency. She has trained extensively in functional medicine, which is an area of medicine focused on getting to the root cause of disease.

Working with patients who suffer from generalized fatigue, aches and pains, unexplained rashes, brain fog, gastric discomfort, and other symptoms, Dr. Sood’s goal is to collaborate with them to figure out exactly what may be causing their symptoms. This functional medicine approach is a process and can take time, so she often uses IV infusions to give her patients more immediate relief. IV infusions have become a large part of Dr. Sood’s practice.

IV Therapies at IV Infusion Lounge

We offer a variety of IV Therapy services at IV Infusion Lounge. There are infusions for general wellness, for repletion of specific vitamin deficiencies, high-dose Vitamin C, detoxifying infusions with glutathione, and infusions for anti-aging. We also offer IV Therapy formulated for people with addictions and dependencies. Unlike vitamins and minerals taken orally, the nutrients in IV Therapy are absorbed 100% because they are going directly into the bloodstream. Our patients in Essex County New Jersey feel the benefits immediately!