IV Infusion Lounge – IV Therapy in Essex County

Essex County New Jersey IV Therapy clinic IV Infusion Lounge offers IV Therapy treatments that deliver the essential vitamins, nutrients, minerals, and hydration nature intended, directly to your body intravenously. The nutrients you take in this way bypass your GI tract, and hence, go beyond simple dietary solutions to restore your internal systems immediately.

The IV Therapy Specialists at IV Infusion Lounge take a collaborative approach to patient health, paying special attention to your unique biology when counseling you on your IV Therapy options and how they can be used to meet your specific health and wellness goals. Since all of the IV Therapies at IV Infusion Lounge are customized for each patient, you can be assured your body is getting the balance of nutrients it so desperately needs. Whether you are seeking to detoxify or cleanse your body, boost your immunity or metabolism, restore hydration and wellness, recover from or enhance athletic performance, or eliminate jet lag or a hangover, Dr. Monica Sood and the other IV Therapy Specialists at IV Infusion Lounge are eager to offer their experience and expertise to help you in your wellness journey.

Benefits of IV Therapy

You may be a person who listens attentively to your body and gives it exactly what it needs: a steady diet of fruits, vegetables, healthy grains, lean proteins, and all of the nutritional supplements your primary care physician recommends, but we all know that we lose some of the nutritional content of our food and supplemental vitamins as they pass through the GI tract and are naturally eliminated by our bodies. The IV Therapy Practitioners at IV Infusion Lounge offer IV Therapies that overcome this nutritional loss by providing vitamins, nutrients, minerals, and hydration directly to your cells, which can help you achieve many of your health objectives, including:

  • Nutritional Cleanse
  • Detoxification
  • Hydration
  • Improved Immunity & Wellbeing
  • Increased Metabolism & Weight Loss
  • Improvement in Memory Function
  • Anti-Aging Benefits
  • Increased Focus

IV Therapy specialist Dr. Monica Sood offers the following IV Therapy drips in Essex County New Jersey:


Ideal if you feel under the weather or if you want to simply want to boost your immunity for disease and illness prevention.


Restore beauty from the inside out! This IV Therapy is great for hair, nails, and skin. It’s also beneficial for patients with anti-aging goals.


Prep for a race or recover from intense physical activity.


Ideal after a long night out. Banish that hangover!


This is our signature infusion, which addresses a wide variety of health goals. Loaded with vitamins, minerals, amino acids, Vitamin C, and glutathione, this is our “Grand Slam,” where you get the most impact.

For more information about how customized IV Therapy can address your personal health goals, call Dr. Monica Sood today.